The Reaperís Dungeon

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 The Woods - deep, dark, eerie, and infested with the endless screams of tortured souls!

Sarah woods Witches
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The Reaper's Dungeon is a haunted attraction currently located on grounds of the municipal complex in Cottageville, SC.
This year's attraction will feature a 20-25 minute hayride that drops you off in the middle of the woods at the start of our over Ĺ mile long Deadly Hollows Haunted Trail.

We are pleased & excited to have several VIP guests this year!
 Josh D'Agostino & Amber Dawn Fox will be on site Oct. 20 & 21 to sign autographs and take pictures!!!

Josh D'Agostino & Robert Hunt will be on site Oct. 27 & 28 to sign autographs and take pictures!!!

Josh D'Agostino
Amber Dawn Fox
Robert Hunt
Enter the VIP Tour Raffle for a chance to win one of six spots on a very special tour of
the Deadly Hollows with the actors.
Tickets will go on sale  weekend at the haunt and the winners will be drawn Saturday, Oct. 21 at 9:30pm.
Winners must be present to win. The VIP Tour will be the very last tour on Saturday night.

Free Admission on select nights
for military and 1st responders.
See our calendar for details.
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   Think you have what it takes to be an actor at The Reaper's Dungeon? Sign up on our actor registration page to start the process.
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